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Epoxy resin 0164

Product Profile

Epoxy resin 0164 named Bisphenol A type liquid epoxy resin 0164, which is also named E type epoxy resin. It is transparent colorless or light yellow thermoplastic resin, but it has thermosetting property as well, it can form a variety of curing material with excellent properties with various curing agents, catalysts and additives, and it can almost meet all kinds of use requirements.

Technical indicator

Appearance: light yellow
Density at 25℃:1.2g/cm3
Dynamic at 25℃:13000mPas
Epoxy equivalent:183-190g/mol
Viscosity at 25℃:10000-15000mPas
Hydrolyzable chlorine:≤0.05%

Product Application

Epoxy resin finished product performance:

Epoxy resin coating (anti-corrosion Paint, metal primer, insulating paint)

Electronic materials   

Building materials(anti-corrosion floor, epoxy mortar, foundation grouting material, building adhesive)

Engineering plastic (epoxy molding/laminating plastic/foamed plastic)

Epoxy composite products (winding/pultrusion technology)