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Excellent quality Basalt Fiber Reinforced Polymer Rebar - Basalt fiber geogrid mesh – Huabin

Product Profile

Depend on different medium, basalt fiber mesh by coating different agent is divided into: 1. Water compatible coating: usually used to reinforce concrete base material 2. Oil compatible coating: usually used to reinforce asphalt base material According to coating properties, basalt fiber mesh geogrid is divided into: 1. Soft basalt fiber mesh 2. Hard basalt fiber mesh According to different weave method, basalt fiber mesh geogrid is divied into: 1. Warp weaving mesh 2. Twist weaving mesh

Product Performance

Due to its raw material - continuous basalt fiber, thus basalt fiber mesh has same performance as basalt fiber. Generally, basalt fiber mesh shows irreplaceable advantages: ■ High mechanical strength. ■ High resistance to chemical aggressive environment and in particular high alkali resistance will not allow appearing of rust or corroding. ■ Extremely low coefficient of heat conductivity. ■ Lower elongation before brake than for synthetic material. ■ Low weight, easy installation and transportation

Product Application

According to special performance of basalt fiber mesh, now it is widely used in different fields: ■ Concrete reinforcement. ■ Asphalt reinforcement. ■ Soil reinforcement. ■ Road reinforcement. ■ Slope protection project. ■ River embankment protection project. ■ Construction repair project.

Product Specification

5x5mm, 10x10mm, 25.4x25.4mm, 50x50mm is the common and popular size, we accept customized.